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My History

PHIL 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me."
About Me:
The youngest ever to compete at NPC Fitness Nationals. First appearance at the age of 13. The first 17 year old to turn pro with the IFBB when I WON my class at the Jr. Nationals June 20, 2009 in Chicago, IL

I started gymnastics at the age of 3, and my father was a body builder in the 1970's. During that time my dad formed a friendship with Lee Haney, 8 time Mr. Olympia. Their strong Christian beliefs and their mutual love for our Lord Jesus Christ have kept their friendship strong to this day. One day at church, Lee noticed how defined my arms were, and told me and my parents, that I should really consider fitness competition. So my mom started to check into it for me. We then were at the Show of Strength in Atlanta, helping Lee with his Ultimate Teen Challenge and "Fitness magazine" hosted a push-up and pull-up contest. I did 175 push ups (man style-I competed against two marines) and 30 drop arm pull-ups. I won both events. At that same show I was introduced to Debbie Kruck, who invited me to be a competitor at the Debbie Kruck Classic, in the teen division. So between Lee and Debbie's encouragement that is where I got my start. I then decided to try an open competition just for the fun of it, and placed 2nd, which qualified me for Nationals. I couldn't believe it. So my parents, my sister, and Lucy my trainer headed to Dallas in November of 2004 for me to compete at NPC Fitness Nationals as the youngest ever. I was 13 years old and in the 8th grade. Fitness is totally different than Figure competitions. In fitness you compete in swimsuits so the judges can view muscle tone, they do not want you to be too big, but they do want definition etc. but half of your score comes from your fitness routine. In the 2 minute routine you must incorporate 3 required strength moves & 2 required flexibility moves: (High Kick & Side Split, Pike Press, Straddle Press & at least one, One-arm push up) all this is done to music, then incorporating gymnastic, dance or additional strength moves as you desire. Since I am a Regionally Ranked Level 10 gymnast and also now an all-star competitive cheerleader, this part of the competition is very fun and easy for me, the swimsuit portion is the hardest to me. My goal as a gymnast was to make it to the 2008 Olympics, and was well on my way, with a vault that no other woman gymnast has ever performed. Due to a series of events, the biggest being my coach deciding he no longer wanted to coach at the higher levels, which left me without a coach to get me to the Olympic trials, I poured myself into Fitness. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God does not close one door without opening a window, and I truly believe Fitness is my window. 

Competition History

2004-12 Years Old Debbie Kruck Classic,DaytonaBeach,FL 1st Ever Pre-Teen Fitness Winner, 2nd Place Teen Figure 2004-13 years old St. Augustine, FL 2nd Place OPEN National Qualifier 2004-13 years old Dallas TX-NPC Fitness Nationals 12th place out of 14-Short Class 2005-13 years old Southern Classic, Vicksburg, MS 2nd Place OPEN National Qualifier 2005-13 years old NPC TEEN NATIONALS, Pittsburgh, PA WINNER AGE 13-16 category. 2005-14 years old NPC Fitness Nationals,Atlanta GA13th Place out of 18-Short Class 2006-14 years old NPC Teen National Fitness Championship, Pittsbugh, PA- WINNER age 13-14, 2nd year in a row. 2006-15 years old-NPC Fitness Nationals, Miami, FL, 6th Place -Short Class 2007 Solo Cheer Ages 14-15 American Championship-National Winner Orlando, FL 2007 (6/2)-15 yrs old, Southern Classic National Qualifer-Open Class-WINNER 2007 (7/14)-15 yrs old, Georgia Bodybuilding-Fitness Class A Winner and Over-All Winner 2007(11/16-11/17)-16 years old NPC Fitness Nationals, Dallas, TX -5th Place Class A 2008 (8/2/08) Dexter Jackson Classic-Fitness Winner and Teen Figure Winner. 2008 (9/6/08) TEAM USA FITNESS NATIONALS, New York Class A-4th Place (5/23/09) Jr USA, Charleston, SC  1st Place Class A, (6/20/09) Jr. Nationals, Class A winner and new IFBB Pro (age 17) Making IFBB history as the youngest at the time to turn pro, and still the first 17 year old to go Pro.

Photo's and Sponsor information

To order autographed pictures:
Send 10.00 per picture requested to:
Victoria Larvie
P.O. Box 851
Fayetteville, GA 30214

You can also pay via pay pal. 
My email address for that is
send me an email at the above email address if you do make a payment via pay pal, so I make sure I know to look for it, and also tell me what kind of picture you want.  Fitness routine or swimsuit.

*** New Request *** so in case you are interested in one also.  I just had my first request for a Poster.  So if interested in a 12 x 18 auographed poster of me the cost is 30.00.  If you want multiple pictures on the poster, it can be as large as 20 x30 and the cost for that is 50.00.  Each one will be done for the person ordering, so each one is unique.  See info below about how to order. *************

 A Special Thanks for Discounts, Comp Services, or Just gifts toward my 2009 competition year:

Mr. Greg Green, Music & Choreography, McDonough, GA 

Mrs. Donna Minter, Hairtherapy, Acworth, GA

Gordon Freed, Atlanta, GA

Mr. Harry Lewis, Atlanta, GA

Nutritionist and Trainer

Dr. Mike Feulner

515 Madison Ave., Suite 1720

New York, NY 10022


2009 Schedule

May 23- Jr USA's Pro Qualifier-1st Place Class A

June 6- Guest Appearance-Southern Classic

June 19-20-Jr Nationals Pro Qualifier-1st Place Class A and turned PRO

October 10, 2009-Fort Lauderdale Cup-PRO Debut